School of Psychology & Counseling

Certificate of Advanced Counseling Studies (CACS)

HSC students and graduates click here for an important notice.

The CACS program is designed to augment students’ basic knowledge and skills that were acquired in the Human Services Counseling Program prior to Fall 2005 and to fill in the necessary academic and experiential “gaps” in order to meet state licensure requirements. 

The following requirements must be satisfied for admissions into the CACS program:

  1. Complete the online application for admissions as a NON-DEGREE student (there is no CACS selection on the application). Then contact the Office of Admissions to indicate your intention to pursue the CACS program.
  2. All applicants must have successfully completed the HSC Program in either the on-campus or the online format or a degree program at another accredited university that is equivalent to the pre-2005 HSC degree.
  3. All applicants will submit a full application packet including:
    • Personal Goal Statement emailed to
    • Current resume or curriculum vitae emailed to
    • Writing Sample completed through our online evaluation tool located here
    • Official transcripts from all institutions where college credit was earned
    • Three Recommendation Forms - Clergy-type, Faculty-type & General/Supervisor-type
  4. Any applicant who took HSC 552 (Group Dynamics) in the online format will be required to take COUN 552 (Group Counseling) as an additional prerequisite since they will need to have the experience of participating in an actual group process under supervision. Applicants from another accredited university program will need to submit a copy of their Group Counseling course syllabus to the Admissions Committee.
  5. Since CACS 623 Practicum is not offered in the Fall semester, CACS students who have been accepted into the program may take approved courses in the previous fall semester and/or concurrently with CACS 623 by submitting an Academic Petition making the request and with the understanding that they must successfully pass Practicum (as well as any other identified prerequisites) before they can continue beyond the Practicum semester. Additionally, if students elect this option, they understand, consent to, and accept the risk of investing their finances and time into other CACS courses without any guarantee that they will be permitted to continue taking courses after the Practicum class. CACS 661 (Ethics) cannot be taken prior to the successful completion of the Practicum.

Students in the CACS program will complete a required sequence of courses before going out on Internship, as in the M.A. in Community and School counseling programs on the Regent University campus.

Students having master's degrees from other universities may need an individualized program of study designed to meet professional licensure or school requirements and will be handled on a case-by-case basis. All students are advised to consult their assigned advisor for an assessment of all prior work to determine if there are classes other than those taken with the CACS that will be needed to meet the requirements for their desired license.

Please note that because the CACS program is considered a non-degree graduate program, the course work is not eligible for school scholarships or federal loan programs.

Additional questions should be addressed to the Office of Admissions by contacting 757.352.4498 or

Important Notice for HSC students and graduates

The CACS Program is not available to those HSC students who began their program after the Fall 2005 Semester.  Current HSC students who desire to pursue either the Community or School Counseling Programs, must submit a new application for these programs. It is further understood that none of their completed HSC courses will transfer into the Community or School Counseling Programs.

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