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Ph.D. In Counselor Education & Supervision - Internship Site Supervisor Evaluation

Twelve internship site supervisors responded to this survey.  They indicated strength in every aspect of Ph.D. intern performance.  Noteworthy is that the supervisors considered Regent Ph.D. interns as being strong in the areas of social advocacy, diversity sensitivity, and knowledge of current issues, trends and techniques.

Internship Supervisor's Evaluation - Spring 2007

Ph.D. Internship Supervisor's Evaluation of Students  Spring 2007
Areas of strength Percentage of Students
Appropriately uses support and empathy skills 100%
Displays good non-verbal attending skills 91%
Able to identify present and root problems of client(s) 100%
Uses silence effectively 91%
Self-discloses appropriately 100%
Confronts client(s) effectively when necessary 91%
Manages initiation and termination of client sessions 100%
Begins and ends each session appropriately 100%
Establishes and maintains appropriate boundaries with client(s) 91%
Facilitates establishment of realistic client goals 100%
Conceptualizes problems theoretically 91%
Manages emergent events professionally 100%
Acts as social advocate for client(s) 100%
Manages transference and coutertransference issues 100%
Knowledgeable of referral procedures and requirements 100%
Possesses current knowledge of issues, trends and techniques in the field of counseling 100%
Acts ethically in all aspects and requirements of counseling responsibilities 100%
Demonstrates sensitivity to diversity issues 100%
Is knowledgeable and competent in computer technology associated with counseling 100%
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