School of Psychology & Counseling

M.A. School and Community Programs - Site Supervisor Program Evaluation

Site supervisors rate Regent students high in several areas including their ethical character, their respect for the whole person, their ability to work with diverse people, appropriate clinical preparation and accurate self-awareness. They would like to see students increase their ability to do case conceptualization and treatment planning.

Site Supervisor Survey - Fall 2006

Question % Good/Outstanding
Appropriate Clinical Preparation 95%
Diagnostic, Assessment Competency 74%
Case Conceptualization, Goal setting, Treatment Planning 73%
Accurate Self Awareness 95%
Respect for Whole Person 100%
Ability to Work with Diverse People 96%
Integrity of Character/Ethics 96%
Appropriate Knowledge Base 96%
Theory/Theoretical Orientation 78%
Group Theory/Dynamics 70%
Human Development 82%
School/Agency Roles and Functions 91%
  N = 23
Regent University