School of Psychology & Counseling

M.A. School and Community Programs - Employer Program Evaluation

Data from employers shows a high level of satisfaction with graduates from Regent University. They especially value the integrity and ethical character of Regent graduates. Employers would like to see Regent graduates be able to take on more leadership roles in their organizations.

Employer Survey Data - Fall 2005

Area of Competency Average Satisfaction
Overall competency as a therapist 92%
Assessment Competency 93%
Makes appropriate referrals 93%
Appropriate knowledge for the position 86%
Leadership in the organization 81%
Written communication skills 90%
Verbal communication skills 91%
Interpersonal skills 91%
Ability to work with diverse people 95%
Integrity of character/ethics 99%
Overall quality of work 92%
  N = 48


  • Highly motivated to serve Christ and help people know Him
  • Great interpersonal and communication skills
  • Takes charge, highly efficient, problem solver, multi tasker
  • Demonstrates wonderful discernment and compassion
  • A deep desire to truly make a difference in people's lives
  • Demonstrates outstanding initiative and organizational skills
  • Responsible, dependable, intelligent, ethical
  • Established rapport with adverse client population quickly and easily
  • Very good in family therapy
  • A high level of commitment to clients and very well trained
  • Critical thinking skills


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