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Audition Information


Casting Call

Located in Virginia Beach, Tidewater Stage is the professional theatre company of Regent University. Our 2014 summer season will include the country music revue Pump Boys and Dinettes and Alfred Uhry's prize-winning classic, Driving Miss Daisy. Auditions are open to all local actors and out-of-town actors willing to work as a local-hire.


General auditions will be held on Saturday, April 5 from 2-5pm. Callbacks will be held on Saturday, April 12 (callback times are TBA).


Studio Theatre in Regent University's Performing Arts Center; corner of Centerville Turnpike and CBN Drive in Virginia Beach.


Performance stipends will be approximately $1,000-$1,200.

Production Dates:

Pump Boys and Dinettes will rehearse May 19-June 19; performances run June 20-29. Driving Miss Daisy will rehearse July 7-31; performances run Aug. 1-10. Rehearsal times will be determined based on the general availability of cast members. Actors with "day jobs" are encouraged to audition.

Audition Requirements:

Perform a monologue appropriate to the play in which you would like to be cast. Time limit is 1.5 minutes. Singers will have an additional 30 seconds to perform 16 bars of a musical selection appropriate to the style of Pump Boys and Dinettes. Accompanist provided. Please bring sheet music in correct key. Additional time will be allocated for actors wishing to play an instrument. (See character breakdown for Pump Boys and Dinettes.)


Present for the auditions will be Eric Harrell (Director, Pump Boys and Dinettes), Gary Spell (Music Director, Pump Boys and Dinettes) and Michael Kirkland (Director, Driving Miss Daisy).

Character Breakdown for Pump Boys and Dinettes:

Seeking charismatic performers with impeccable comic timing, strong facility with country music and ability to harmonize with rhythmical precision. All actors should move well. Some tap experience is desired for the roles of Rhetta and Prudie. Actors who play instruments are highly desirable (acoustic or electric guitar, bass, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, ukulele or percussion). However, this is NOT a requirement as our production will utilize a stage band. If applicable, please bring instrument with you to the audition and be prepared to play a short selection of your choice.

The role of L.M. has already been cast. All other roles are available:

  • JACKSON (Male, 20's-40's, any ethnicity) Traditionally, the lead guitarist of the Pump Boys. Referred to as Lover Boy, the ladies like Jackson. Mostly sings the top line.
  • JIM (Male, 20's-40's, any ethnicity) Front man of the Pump Boys; must chat comfortably with the audience. The storyteller of the evening, he introduces the other characters. Mostly sings the middle line.
  • EDDIE (Male, 30's-50's, any ethnicity) Eddie knows cars and car repair. That's about it. Quiet, shy, a bit dense, but he might just be the smartest guy in the room.
  • RHETTA CUPP (Female, 20's-40's, any ethnicity) Dinette at the Double Cupp Diner; older sister of Prudie and single mother of two. A firebrand who can sing, dance and, of course, make great pie. Strong singer, belt and soul; sings bottom line.
  • PRUDIE CUPP (Female, 20's-40's, any ethnicity) Dinette, a little quieter than her older sister but still brimming with character and fun. She can sing, dance, and make great pie. Strong singer, mix, sings top line.

Character Breakdown for Driving Miss Daisy:

Seeking to build a tight ensemble of highly-skilled actors capable of walking the fine line between character drama and sentimental comedy. Given that all characters age 25 years over the course of the play, there is latitude in casting actors of a given age. Dana Ivey and Morgan Freeman originated the lead roles Off-Broadway at 46 and 50 respectively. Last year, Vanessa Redgrave and James Earl Jones starred in a national tour at 77 and 82 respectively. We are seeking mature actors who can convincingly play the arc of the character's journey.

All three roles in the play are available:

  • DAISY WERTHAN (Female, 50+, Caucasian) Strong-willed Jewish widow, outwardly stern but has a big heart. Through her relationship with Hoke, she moves beyond latent prejudice to become a supporter of civil rights. Ages from 72-97.
  • HOKE COLEBURN (Male, 40+, African-American) Gentle and patient man with a wry sense of humor; develops a genuine affection for Daisy. Ages from 60-85.
  • BOOLIE WERTHAN (Male, 35+, Caucasian) Long suffering son of Daisy who runs the family business with ambition; hires Hoke against his mother's protests. Ages from 40-65.

Make an audition appointment!

To request an appointment to audition, email your name and phone number to You will be emailed an audition appointment between the hours of 2-5 p.m. on Saturday, April 5. If you do not receive a confirmation email within three (3) days, please call 757.352.4211.