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Regent University seeks to serve as a creative and spiritually uplifting place where people connect with others who are working in media and the performing arts in a learning environment. On the pages below, you will discover a few of the many artists and professionals who have shared their lives and experiences with us. In 1744, Italian philosopher and historian, Giambattista Vico, offered an apt account of the mission of a story-teller: “Now this is the three-fold labor of poetry (story-telling): (1.) To invent sublime fables suited to the popular understanding; (2.) to perturb to excess (entertain) with a view to the end proposed; (3.) and to teach the vulgar to act virtuously.” As Christians, we join with others to develop our gifts, our talents and our lives in ways that will help make a redemptive difference in the lives of others through the creative and prophetic power of story.

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FALL 2013

Crig Forrest

Documentarian, Emmy-Award winning production teammember for "The Amazing Race" Season 7

Craig D. Forrest (born July 13, 1956) is an American filmmaker best known for producing, directing and lensing shows, stories and documentaries that often have involved difficult or dangerous overseas locations while exploring unique subjects ranging from voodoo to holocaust to silent film. Forrest's projects for notable TV and cable networks have been considered diverse in that his body of work encompasses various genres across a broad spectrum, including non-fiction, investigative journalism, sports, music and journeys of faith. Various projects and shows he has produced or directed have earned numerous video awards, most notably a CINE Golden Eagle.

John Dorr
Broadcast Missionary, Director, Producer

John Dorr was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1957 and moved with his parents to the Gaza Strip at 18 months old where they worked with the Baptist Mission Board. It was here that various aspects of his interests, passions, personality and studies were formed. Like his brother Philip ( scriptwriter for the series), he too grew up interacting in a multicultural context with the clashes of east and west, Arabic and English, Christianity and Islam all carefully observed and navigated. The passion to know God and make Him known is at the very core of who John is and aspires to be. Striving for excellence, integrating faith and profession are all part of a great relational journey with God.  The God’s Stories project knits many of these joys and passions into one focus.


Todd Sims

Producer, Founder of Fusion Productions, SCA Alumnus

Fusion Productions was founded in 1990 by Todd Sims and his wife Gina M. Sims. Todd, two months out of college, and Gina, just starting her junior year, acquired the rights to a small local cable television series for only $600. The Brownwood Lion Football Review was Fusion Productions' first venture into professional video production. They turned a profit through ad sales and went on to produce and direct two additional television news programs, one being awarded a national ACTS award. Since then, Fusion Productions has produced numerous projects in the U.S. and abroad earning thirty domestic and international awards for excellence in production.


Cheryl McKay
Screenwriter, Book Author, SCA Alumna

Cheryl McKay has been professionally writing since 1997. Cheryl wrote the screenplay for The Ultimate Gift, based on Jim Stovall's novel. The award-winning film stars James Garner, Brian Dennehy, and Abigail Breslin and was released in theaters by Fox in 2007. The Ultimate Gift won a Crystal Heart Award at the Heartland Film Festival, received three Movieguide Nominations, winning one of the Ten Best Family Films of 2007, and won a CAMIE Award, for one of the Top Ten Films of the year. Cheryl also wrote the DVD for Gigi: God's Little Princess, another book adaptation based on the book by Sheila Walsh, as well as the Wild and Wacky, Totally True Bible Stories audio series and books with Frank Peretti. She wrote a half-hour drama for teenagers about high school violence, called Taylor's Wall. It was produced in Los Angeles by Family Theater Productions. She wrote a script called Greetings from the Flipside, commissioned by Art Within, after winning a year-long fellowship. It's currently being adapted into a novel for B&H Publishing (with Rene Gutteridge). Her screenplay, Never the Bride, has been adapted into a novel for Random House Publishers and was released in June 2009. The film version is in development. She also wrote the screenplay for A Friend for Maddie.




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