Degree Overview

The following chart is an overview at a glance of all the School of Communication and Arts degree programs.


Programs Credit Hours Length of Programs On Campus / Online1 Culminating Project2 Application Deadlines3 Start Term⁴
Master of Arts:            
M.A. Strategic Communication 33 1 year OC, OL E, I, T Rolling Admission F, SP, SU
M.A. Production 30 1 year OC E, I, P Rolling Admission F
M.A. Script Writing 30 1 year OC, OL E, I, P Rolling Admission F, SP
M.A. Journalism 33 1 year OC, OL E, I, P, T Rolling Admission F, SP, SU
M.A. Theatre 30 1 year OC, OL C Rolling Admission F, SP, SU
Master of Fine Arts:            
MFA Acting 60 3 years OC TR & SS By Invitation F
MFA Script & Screenwriting 44 2 years OC, OL P Rolling Admission F, SP
MFA (FTV) Directing 44 2 years OC P May 1 (Recommended) F
MFA (FTV) Producing 44 2 years OC P May 1 (Recommended) F
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) 44 (min) 5 to 7 years OC, OL D February 1 SU
Certificate of Graduate Studies:            
Theatre Practices 15 under 1 year OC N/A Rolling Admission SU


Additional program details are available in the Academic section of this website.

1. Regent provides students with two classroom experiences: OC=On Campus and OL=Online Learning. If both classroom experiences are offered in a degree program, students can opt to do both options.

2. Students will select one of the required culminating projects shown for respective degree programs: AP=Animation Project (5 mins.), C=Comprehensive Exam, D=Dissertation, E=Exam, I=Internship, P=Portfolio, T=Thesis, TR & SS=Thesis Role & Scene Showcase in NYC, SP=Senior Presentations/Paper

3. Applications will be accepted throughout the year. Priority consideration for financial assistance through the School of Communication & the Arts will be given for those who complete the admissions process by the listed deadline.

4. Semester Terms to start classes: F=Fall, SP=Spring, and SU=Summer

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