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Film Students Produce PSA for Virginia Beach Police

By Amanda Morad

August 21, 2015

Screen grab from the Virginia Beach Police Department safety PSA produced by Reg

Screen grab from the Virginia Beach Police Department safety PSA produced by Regent students.


As the cold finally breaks in Hampton Roads, attention turns to the Oceanfront where, in a matter of weeks, thousands of tourists will converge to soak up the sun. With the influx of people, particularly college students, concern for safety is paramount. Regent University's School of Communication & the Arts (SCA) partnered with the Virginia Beach Police Department to produce a short public service announcement about reporting misconduct to law enforcement.

"[The PSA is] designed to reach out to the millennial generation and, more specifically, 18-25 year olds that visit Virginia Beach," the VBPD release said. It encourages young people to "come to Virginia Beach, enjoy themselves and act responsibly. It is also a call to action that if they 'See Something, Say Something.'"

The PSA can be viewed on the VBPD Facebook page, VBPD Twitter and YouTube.

"The Virginia Beach Police are a big part of our community, and I see this as extremely important because they take care of us and protect us," said Dr. Mitch Land, dean of SCA. "Our students did a great job, far exceeding our expectations."

Land discussed the possibility of a partnership for the project with Lt. Harry McBrien, who spearheaded the project with Lt. Ken Miller, last fall.

"They're very citizen oriented and want to be proactive in mitigating any violence or misconduct on the beach or in the community," Land noted. "We all have the same goal of serving the community, and it's essential we work together to keep the beach a family friendly environment."

So far, response to the final project has been extremely positive.

The script was developed at no cost to the city by SCA students under the guidance of script and screenwriting professor, Sean Gaffney. Once the final script was approved, SCA student Adam Hardy took the reigns as director, gathered several students to act and help produce the piece, and turned out a fun, snappy reminder to be safe and aware at the Oceanfront during the busy summer months. Two Virginia Beach Police officers also acted in the PSA.

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