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Habeas Corpus won the Award of Excellence for the 2014 BEA Media Arts Festival

August 21, 2015

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Habeus Corpus Poster


Habeas Corpus, the 2013 Summer film directed, produced and edited by School of Communication & the Arts faculty, Booker T. Mattison, Lorene M. Wales and Dave Garcia, respectively, won the Award of Excellence for the 2014 BEA Festival of Media Arts. The highly competitive competition receives over a thousand entries each year. In an ultimate teacher-student collaboration, the Cinema Television program at Regent University brought together a veteran Hollywood cast for the summer Endowed short-film, Habeas Corpus.

The summer film uniquely found three professors at the helm as the driving creative forces behind the production as writer, director, producer, and editor. Endowed films are a stalwart part of the training program at Regent, affording students extensive and hands-on experience in television and motion picture production. Habeas Corpus also provided enhanced mentorship opportunities for students who worked alongside their professors in multiple crew positions on the production.

Habeas Corpus, written and directed by professor Booker T. Mattison, is a film that juxtaposes the realities of death alongside the miracles of life. Its the story of Ray who lives in the shadow of the past and whose inability to let go after the death of his father drives him to the irrational act of stealing the body of his father from the funeral home. This journey leads Ray to find life where he least expects it. It is a redemptive story that explores belief in the miraculous, and the unexpected ways that prayers are answered. Producing professor Dr. Lorene Wales, and Editing professor Dave Garcia joined Mattison in crafting an authentic voice to an otherwise unlikely tale.

Habeas Corpus features and stars Chad L. Coleman from two of televisions most critically acclaimed and groundbreaking shows, The Walking Dead (AMC) and The Wire (HBO). A native of Richmond, Coleman plays Ray Jr. and is joined by Norfolk native Tim Reid who plays opposite Coleman as Ray Juniors father. Reid is a highly recognized veteran in the entertainment industry who has made his mark as an award-winning and Emmy nominated actor, producer, writer and director. His multiple credits both in front of the camera and behind it include, WKRP in Cincinnati, Sister Sister, and Once Upon a Time When We Were Colored. This Hollywood cast is rounded out by Jamie Hector who plays Gary, Rays loyal accomplice, and Lee Chamberlin cast as Nadine, Rays mom. Hector is best known as Marlo Stansfield from HBO's The Wire as well as NBC's Heroes, Disney XD's Tron: Uprising and Max Payne. The colorful characters of Lee Chamberlin educated and entertained thousands of American families in the Grammy Award winning PBS show The Electric Company. Lee also appeared in Roots: The Next Generation and played Pat Baxter on the popular soap opera All My Children. She co-starred opposite Sidney Poiter and Bill Cosby in Uptown Saturday Night and Let's Do It Again.