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Regent Hosts ICC International Conference

By Rachel Judy

August 21, 2015

From June 11-16, nearly 250 students and their parents converged on Regent University's campus to take part in the annual International Convention for the Institute for Cultural Communicators. The students, parents and convention staff stayed on campus for five days of competitions, presentations and workshops designed to improve skills in public speaking and communication.

ICC is geared towards students ages 6 through 18. At the convention, these students participated in simulations to walk them through communication skills and training. Each student also comes prepared with a presentation of some sort to guide their time of development and learning.

"We are equipping Christians to shape the future through authentic leadership and cultural communication," said ICC president, Teresa Moon. "The convention brings leaders from across the country and Singapore together as a community in order to develop competence in communication and leadership, grounded in Christian character all with an eye toward impacting the larger community and influencing the future."

By holding the international convention on Regent's campus and staying in student housing, the group was able to maximize the amount of formal and informal instructional time. In addition to formal presentations and simulations, the students, guided by young adults who have come through ICC, also had times of mentoring and social activities to enforce what they'd learned.

Two of those young adults Josh Craddock and Adam Hardy were excited for all of the opportunities they were helping to facilitate with their younger peers.

Originally from Corpus Christi, Texas, Hardy is a filmmaker and storyteller at heart. "The storytelling that I've been doing since I was 13 with the institute has taught me how to think through those things [as a filmmaker]," he explained. "It's kind of taking those basics what are the tools for critical thinking, what are the tools for story and it's also the why."

Twenty-two year old Hardy will begin work on an MFA in Script and Screenwriting this fall at Regent after being named the runner up in Regent's 2012 ReelDreams film competition.

Craddock works at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City and used what he's learned to direct the conference's Mock UN track. "I've seen how it goes [at the UN] and modeled that in this conference to try and make it as applicable as possible to what the students are doing," he explained.

And, he added, the impact of the conference is far-reaching.

"Speaking on community platforms that's a big part of what our chapters do. They go out and seek opportunities to speak in the community, to raise money for different causes, to work on different projects, to reach out to elderly and young people ... all sorts of different things."

"Training for a global impact," Craddock also explained, is a shared mission between ICC and Regent.

ICC offers a variety of programs, events and teaching materials designed to help Christian students from all educational backgrounds public, private and homeschooled to become people who can impact their culture through excellent communication of the truth.