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Production Explores Doubt and Certainty

By Rachel Judy

May 17, 2012

Doubt opens Friday, March 9.

Doubt opens Friday, March 9. Photo courtesy of the School of Communication & the Arts


Set at a Catholic school in the Bronx, John Patrick Shanley's Doubt takes a look at the contrast between doubt and certainty in an ever-changing world. The Pulitzer and Tony award-winning play comes to life on the Regent University stage beginning Friday, March 9.

The show runs through March 18.

Set in 1964, Doubt tells the story of a dispute between Father Brendan Flynn and Sister Aloysius Beauvier. The nun a teacher at the school accuses the priest of improper behavior with one of the students; the priest denies the allegations. The student's mother and another nun, Sister James, are caught in the middle of the accusations.

"Shanley asks us if we've ever been certain about something and then have doubt creep in, but refuse to back down due to the fact that we've already taken a stand," explained director and School of Communication & the Arts professional-in-residence, Mark Paladini. "If we're honest with ourselves, I think we'd all agree that everyone has experienced this in some degree."

Preview audiences have left the play debating its ending and finding themselves examining their own ideas of life. "We've found that rehearsal audience members have had wildly different opinions at the end of the show as to who is the 'good guy' in the story, depending upon whether they're male or female," Paladini said.

In the Broadway version of Shanley's piece, no children were used, even though the plot revolves around the treatment of a child. In Regent's production, Paladini has incorporated children into the stage crew. It will, he hopes, enhance the message of the play. "Educational theatre provides a venue to explore how the stakes are raised when real children are present on the scene of an alleged scandal," he explained.

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