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Virginia Chief Bureau of the Associate Press Speaks to Daily Runner Staff

By Diamond Williams-The Daily Runner

August 21, 2015

Dorothy Abernathy  speaks to Daily Runner

Dorothy Abernathy speaks at the Daily Runner


The Daily Runner had the privilege of welcoming Dorothy Abernathy from the Associated Press Tuesday, March 20, 2012. The event was part of the series of Professional Development Luncheons, held monthly in which the Daily Runner invites guest speakers to share about a relevant subject matter pertaining to the field of journalism. During the luncheon, Abernathy talked to the staff regarding the role that the Associated Press plays in the media. She also gave advice to students who are considering a future in the business.

Abernathy opened the event by giving Daily Runner staff members an impressive overview of the Associated Press. She explained that the business serves news organizations around the globe; most editing is done in Atlanta and most of the reporters are based in Richmond. The Associated Press is also responsible for serving 1500 newspapers, both in digital and print. The speaker of the hour also addressed those who had an interest in the Associated Press. This business is looking for people with experience, she said, this includes, deadline experience, and getting experience in breaking news coverage, a plus is having language skills. Abernathy also mentioned that the perspective employee should be a strong writer and reporter. You become a strong writer by reading, writing, and freelancing. You should also sit with the editor while they edit your story, Abernathy said. Once in the business, a reporter should maintain accuracy: dont make a one source story, look for multiple sources, work with an editor, and stay away from loaded words: i.e.- he denied the charges, Abernathy recommended. Abernathy also stressed how important it was to make connections while in the media. Work on feature stories, also known as, enterprise stories, Abernathy explained, ask for a list of people from someone who has the beat, follow people on Facebook or Twitter, and follow-up on sources. After Ms. Abernathy shared about the role of the Associated Press, she opened up the floor for questions from the students. The attendees left with a better understanding of the purpose and role of the Associated Press and how it pertains to journalism today. For more information about the Associated Press, visit: