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Professional Learning for Regent Alumni

The School of Communication & the Arts is offering selected courses to Regent University alumni. These classes are designed to help our alumni keep current with industry trends while enhancing their skill sets. Classes are offered either online or on campus for the reduced rate of $1000* per course. Classes begin on January 7, 2013. To register, please fill out this application before November 30, 2012.

You may select courses from the following list:

COM 685 Seminar (3 credits)


Offered on campus only.
This is directed study, research and discussion on the topic of Indirect Communication. This class is offered on campus during modular week (March 4th -8th 2013).


FTV 525 The Business of Film & Television (3 credits)

Offered on campus only.
Focus is on two aspects of the motion picture industry, proposing a project through a prospectus and designing and creating a film production company. Emphasis is placed on the role of the producer in these endeavors in the independent film market as well as productions involving participation of major Hollywood entities.

FTV 546 Motion Picture Cinematography (3 credits)

Offered on campus only.
Study of the aesthetics and practice of motion picture cinematography. Positions of the cinematographer and camera operator, as well as first and second assistant camera operators examined. Recommended for aspiring cinematographers.


FTV 600 Theory & Criticism of Film & Television (3 credits)


Offered on campus and online.
Analysis of cinema and television; from the early realists-formalist to auteur, genre, reception, semiotic, feminist, psycho-analytic, Marxist and deconstructive theories as they apply to both film and television research. Students will complete the course with the understanding of how to apply these theories to all types of television and cinematic texts.


FTV 604 Redemptive Cinema (3 credits)


Offered on campus and online.
Historical/critical investigation of the production of religious films both for specialized evangelistic and didactic purposes, as well as the religious dimensions of the secular film industry. Study for the latter will focus on the works of Bergman, Bresson and Dryer and modern ethical Hollywood directors such as Allen, Spielberg and Beresford. May be taken online if student can verify access to the films required.


FTV 658 Sound Design for Film & Television (3 credits)


Offered on campus only.
Examines the role of the sound crew in production and post-production. Covers sound theory as well as applied practices with location sound recording and the process of audio post-production. Topics include editing dialogue, sound effects, ADR, and creating a final sound mix with Regent's Pro Tools editing and mixing system.


SCA 610 Changing the World through Entertainment (3)


Offered online only.
Study of the strategic use of entertainment media and the arts for social change, including dramatic serials, telenovelas, music videos, films, novels, plays, street theatre, sports, entertainment news, webisodes, and other popular forms of entertainment. Includes the study of relevant social change theories and review of research that explains the power of entertainment media to reinforce and change attitudes, values, beliefs, and behavior. Projects studied will include entertainment-education productions throughout the world. Course designed for students enrolled in both masters degree and doctoral programs.


SCA 612 The MFA Artist as Teacher (3 credits)


Offered on campus only.
Prepares the MFA artist to develop the philosophies and practices needed for successful pedagogy in the arts. Designed to be inclusive of all students in various MFA programs who hope to teach in secondary or college/university levels in the future, students will learn to prepare syllabi, lesson plans, and myriad requirements for teachers.


SSW 511 Playwriting (3 credits)


Offered on campus only.
An exploration of the structural, thematic and character techniques in writing plays for the stage from the sketch to the full-length play. Emphasis is placed on developing a "theatrical" knowledge of conventions and imagery that is the exclusive realm of the live theatre experience from a writing standpoint.


SSW 612 Feature Film Scriptwriting (3 credits)


Offered on campus only.
Builds upon the skills of SSW 510 Story Structure for Stage and Screen. Skills course that guides from the idea through treatment and step-outline to a finished first draft and the marketing of both the script and the writer. Special consideration given to format, story narration and dialogue polishing.


SSW 614 Topics in Scriptwriting (3 credits)


Offered on campus and online.
Various topics involving the writing of scripts for the screen, stage, or other media. Topics will be based on the strengths and interests of the instructor. Topics include, but are not limited to, narrative adaptation, genre writing, and writing for the Internet. May be repeated when topics vary.


THE 627 Makeup for the Theatre (3 credits)


Offered on campus only.
Opportunity to gain expertise in designing and applying a variety of stage make ups including: corrective, fantasy, animal, special effects, old age and will culminate in the introduction of latex prosthetic pieces. Student will be required to purchase a personal makeup kit.


 *Rate includes tuition and infrastructure fee. University fees and the cost of books are not included.


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