Alumnus of the Year Award Guidelines

The Alumnus of the Year award exists to recognize individuals who have gained unique distinction through their accomplishments and have brought positive change to the world through Christian leadership. While the primary purpose of this award is to honor those who have made an impact toward a better society, it also highlights the effectiveness of Regent University's programming in producing dynamic leaders in the arena of communication and the arts.


  • To be considered for the COM/Arts Alumnus of the Year award, an individual must meet the following criteria:
  • Be an alumnus of the School of Communication & the Arts in good standing
  • Demonstrate a serious Christian faith and a continued support of the Christian community
  • Be distinguished among his/her peers for constructive contributions made to society that display leadership, responsibility and expertise in his/her field of endeavor
  • Have record of community involvement
  • Be a person of integrity and demonstrated ability who brings dignity and inspiration to the faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends of Regent University
  • Have demonstrated continuing interest in and support of Regent University through contribution of time, talent or resources
  • Be an individual whose deeds reflect the importance of his/her education
  • Uphold the standards of Regent University

Method of Nomination

Nominations may be made by any of the following individuals or groups:

  • Regent University students, alumni, faculty, staff or friends
  • Regent University Alumni Association chapters
  • Regent University chartered student organizations

Nominations are limited one per person.

Alumni may self-nominate by completing the nomination form, providing supporting materials (if any) and providing two letters of support.

In addition to the nomination form, a curriculum vita, newspaper or magazine clippings, or other appropriate supporting materials may be submitted.

Persons Ineligible for Nomination

Any individual shall be ruled ineligible to be nominated if any of the following conditions prevail at the time the awards committee meets to make the selection:

  • If he/she is a candidate for or currently holds an elected public office in the current calendar year.
  • If he/she has ever asked the university to remove him/her from mailings or to no longer contact him/her.

Method of Selection

Nomination forms with any supporting materials should be received by the Office of Alumni Relations no later than December 1st prior to the year in which the person is being nominated.

Mailing Address:

Regent University
School of Communication & the Arts
ATTN: COM/Arts Alumnus of the Year
1000 Regent University Drive, COM 200
Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Phone: 888.777.7729

The awards committee will initially review the nominations and determine the top three nominees.

The awards committee consists of:

  • Members of the COM/Arts Alumni Board
  • Deans of the School of Communication & the Arts
  • Department Chairs of the School of Communication & the Arts

The Alumnus of the Year award will be presented at the COM/Arts commissioning ceremony on the Virginia Beach campus. In the case that the recipient cannot be present, the award will be mailed. A person may receive this award only once in his/her lifetime.