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Transfer Credit Policy

Course Transfer

Students admitted into the doctoral or master's degree programs in the School of Communication & the Arts may request that graduate-level coursework, completed at another accredited college or university, be applied toward their degree at Regent University. Transfer is only possible with credits that are not already part of a conferred degree. Credit transfer is never guaranteed upon acceptance of a new student into a degree program.

  • Master of Arts in Communication: Up to fifteen (15) credit hours.
  • Master of Arts in Journalism: Up to fifteen (15) credit hours.
  • PhD in Communication: Up to eighteen (18) credit hours.
  • Master of Arts in Theatre: Up to twelve (12) credit hours.
  • Master of Fine Arts Degree Programs: Up to twelve (12) credit hours.

Criteria Guiding the Acceptability of Transfer Credit

  • Currency of qualifications—Units undertaken more than ten years prior to the application are not recognized for transfer.
  • Relevance of the credit/s— Only graduate level coursework may be considered for transfer credit. When a student demonstrates that coursework completed at another institution reflects the curriculum, course content and level of instruction resulting in student competencies equivalent to those of students enrolled in Regent's graduate degree programs and assessment criteria of Regent University, the student may be granted exemption and/or credit for the relevant Regent credit/s. The School of Communication & the Arts does not approve transfer credits for portfolio-based experiential learning undertaken prior to admission into its programs.
  • Accredited work—To be approved for transfer, credits must have been taken from a regionally accredited institution or one approved by the Regent school in which the student is enrolled.
  • Availability of work—Credits accepted for transfer cannot have been counted on a previously completed degree program at Regent or any other institution. As a rule, the School of Communication & the Arts does not accept transfer credits for graduate courses completed at other institutions after they have enrolled in the School of Communication & the Arts. Any exceptions must be approved by the advisor, the program chair and the dean or associate dean for academics before graduate courses may be taken at other institutions.
  • Course grades—Courses with grades of B- and below will not be accepted for transfer.

Steps for Transfer Evaluation:

  • To have graduate credit considered for transfer, individuals must complete the application process and be admitted to a degree program.
  • Students who want to transfer graduate credit to a degree program shall initiate an official request by completing the Transfer Credit Evaluation Form for Graduate Students and submitting it to their School of Communication & the Arts faculty advisor along with an official transcript and syllabus for each proposed transfer course.
  • All requests for transfer credit must be approved by the student's advisor, program chair and either the dean or associate dean of academics. When the evaluation process is complete and courses are approved for transfer, the dean's office will forward a copy of the official transcript(s) and Transfer Credit Evaluation form to the Registrar's Office for entry of the transfer courses and credits on the student's academic transcript and degree program audit.

Course Waivers

Students admitted into the doctoral or master's degree programs in the School of Communication & the Arts may request that graduate-level coursework that has been previously used as part of a conferred degree be accepted for course waiver. While these credits cannot be transferred into Regent and do not reduce the number of credit hours required, they may allow a student to substitute another course in their degree plan in place of a similar course previously taken at Regent or another graduate institution. This requires an academic petition to the student's advisor to adjust their degree plan as well as proof that the previously taken course covers the same material.

Degree Program Transfer within Regent

Students who transfer from one School of Communication & the Arts degree program to another (i.e. Master of Arts to Master of Fine Arts) may be required to complete the transfer of credit procedure for all courses taken in the previous degree program that they desire to apply to the new degree program. In these cases, the transfer credit limits may not necessarily apply, but will be determined on a case by case basis.

Additional Information

For additional information regarding the transfer credit policy, please refer to the most recent version of the Regent University Graduate Catalog found at


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