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Regent Hollywood Experience
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Tuition & Fees

A nonrefundable $250 deposit is required with every application. See below for tuition, program fee, food, lodging and transportation details. For more information, please contact Margie Ackerman at

Application deadline and deposit is January 29, 2015.


Graduate Credit:

Tuition - $2,505 ($685 + SCA fee + University fee)
Program fee - $1,740 (nonrefundable)
Total tuition and fees - $4,245

Undergraduate Credit:

Tuition - $1,590
Program fee - $1,740 (nonrefundable)
Total tuition and fees - $3,330

Non-Credit Program Fee for SCA alumni:

Alumni living in Los Angeles - $1500 (nonrefundable). Program fee does not cover housing.

Alumni not living in Los Angeles - $2500 (nonrefundable)


Food, Lodging & Transportation

Nonrefundable program fee includes:

  • A total of four meals during the course will be provided by SCA
  • Lodging at Park La Brea in Los Angeles, CA (Housing consists of 2 bedroom, 5-bed furnished apartments. Separate accommodations will be provided for male and female students). See FAQ page for apartment details.
  • Transportation will be provided to various Hollywood locations

Student responsibilities:

  • Students are responsible for making their own flight arrangements, travel expenses to and from their local airport, meals in Los Angeles or during travel, books and any taxes.
  • Students must bring their own linens, for a standard size single bed, and towels.
  • Students need to schedule flights to arrive at LAX on Wednesday, May 13 (no later than 12:00 pm); depart on Thursday, May 28 (no later than 10:00 am).
  • Students will be responsible for providing their own transportation to and from LAX. We suggest you contact Super Shuttle to schedule a shuttle to and from LAX. You might want to check with other students to ride together.


We ask that students not purchase airline tickets until you are contacted with confirmation from Margie Ackerman that the class makes, which should be at the beginning of February. We must have a minimum of 10 students submit an application and deposit no later than January 29.



AVERAGE Out of Pocket Expenses
Alumini living in LA
Alumni not living in LA
Program Fee:              $1740
Program Fee:            $1500
Program Fee:             $2500
Meals:                          $150
Meals:                            $0
Meals:                         $150
Flight:                          $500
Flight:                            $0
Flight:                         $500
Roundtrip bus to LAX:     $40
Roundtrip bus to LAX:      $0
Roundtrip bus to LAX:     $40

Total (not incl. tuition):         


Total (not incl. tuition):       


Total (not incl. tuition):        





This class falls under the financial aid package received by students who apply for aid. For more information, visit the scholarships section of our website.


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