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Is God calling you to change the world through entertainment media? Join the School of Communication & the Arts (SCA) on an incredible study program in Los Angeles, CA. The Regent Hollywood Experience, led by Professor Andy Freeman is offered to current Regent students and SCA alumni*, is a two-week total immersion experience in the professional world of Hollywood screenwriting practices. You'll learn from Christian industry professionals, visit working sets and studios, and learn what it takes to make it in Hollywood.

During this course you will:

  • Work on a series of treatments, exercises and short film scripts.
  • Learn to give effective, constructive and useful notes to other writers, and accept notes from others graciously and judiciously.
  • Meet and interact with Hollywood individuals.
  • Learn about various studios, agencies and commissioning organizations.
  • Students will see how the creative and business processes overlap
  • Students will receive a workshop on "Navigating Hollywood as a Christian" (or similar topic). Students will tour Hollywood studios as well as network with Christians in the industry.
  • Students will complete a commercially viable short film script.

Courses Offered:

We are offering two (3) credit courses:
SSW 614: Topics in Screenwriting: The Hollywood Experience
SSW 512: Writing the Short Film

Requirements for Acceptance:

Graduate Students:

  • SSW 510 (preferred) or a Producing class (CTV 525, 526 or 527)
  • Writing sample (short film script of at least 5 pages; or television script; or feature film script) to be submitted to with application for approval
  • Faculty mentor and Academic advisor approval.

Undergraduate Students:

  • CTVU 310
  • Writing sample (short film script of at least 5 pages; or television script; or feature film script) to be submitted to with application for approval.

Important Undergraduate Information

Undergraduates who apply to the Regent Hollywood Experience course and would like to earn credits would need to follow the established College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) policy governing the taking of graduate credits. Note that there are requirements regarding GPA and class status that may affect who can participate, and there is a very specific procedure that undergraduates need to follow to enroll. The credits undergraduates would receive could either fulfill their general education requirements or be used as elective credits. Please open link for complete details on the undergraduate policy governing CAS students taking Regent graduate courses.

  • Request to study in another school by completing the Approval To Register for a Course in Another School and obtain the appropriate signatures, including the CAS Dean’s representative, Donna Holcomb.
  • Pay all applicable SCA tuition and related fees. Other university fees are also applicable.
  • CAS grants and scholarships are not applicable for this program.

Flight Arrangements:

Students are responsible for making their own flight arrangements and it is not included in the Hollywood Program Fee.

We ask that students not purchase airline tickets until you are contacted with confirmation from Margie Ackerman that the class makes, which should be at the beginning of February. We must have a minimum of 10 students/alumni and can only accept a maximum of 18 students/alumni. Applications and deposits are due no later than January 27.


Students will stay at Park La Brea Apartments in Los Angeles. Park La Brea’s 160 park-like acres offer a tranquil retreat at the center of Los Angeles, with the city’s best shopping, dining and activities…all just steps away. Classes will be held at the Los Angeles Film Studies Center (LAFSC) which is within walking distance of Park La Brea apartments.

Hollywood Program Fee: An additional nonrefundable fee that covers lodging and some expenses in Hollywood

  • Credit - $1,200 – Undergraduate/Graduate/Doctoral (nonrefundable)
  • Noncredit - $1,500 – (nonrefundable)

Hollywood Program Fee includes:

  • A total of four meals during the course will be provided by SCA
  • Lodging at Park La Brea Apartments in Los Angeles, CA (Each apartment consists of a two bedroom, 5-bed furnished apartments. Separate accommodations will be provided for male and female students). See FAQ page for apartment details.
  • High speed wi-fi in each apartment
  • Transportation will be provided to various Hollywood locations
  • Speaker fees for various industry members
  • Classroom at LAFSC located at 5455 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles

Hollywood Program Fee does NOT include:

Tuition: Course credit costs which will vary per participant:

  • $3,105 which includes ($885 x 3 credits + SCA fee + University fee) Doctoral Tuition
  • $2,505 which includes ($685 x 3 credits + SCA fee + University fee) Graduate/Undergraduate Tuition
  • Airfare to and from Los Angeles
  • Additional meals in LA or during travel
  • Books & personal necessities

Student responsibilities:

  • Students are responsible for making their own flight arrangements, travel expenses to and from their local airport, meals in Los Angeles or during travel, books and any taxes.
  • Students must bring their own linens, for a standard size single bed, pillow and towels.
  • Students need to schedule flights to arrive at LAX on Wednesday, May 10 (no later than 12:00 pm); depart on Thursday, May 25 (you can schedule your flight to leave at anytime but you must leave the apartment complex no later than 9am).
  • Students will be responsible for providing their own transportation to and from LAX. We suggest you contact Super Shuttle or Uber to schedule a shuttle to and from LAX. You might want to check with other students to ride together. Students must arrive at Park La Brea Activity Center for check in Wednesday, May 10 at 2pm. Students must depart Park La Brea Thursday, May 25 no later than 9am.


A deposit of $500 per person is required to ensure a place on the trip. Make a check/money order/cashier’s check out to REGENT UNIVERSITY and submit to the Hollywood Program Manager by January 27.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS. The $500 deposit and the remaining balance of the Hollywood Program Fee is nonrefundable. Refunds will only be given if class cancellation occurs. Students taking the course for credit have priority in the application submission.

Scholarships cover tuition but do not cover university fees, SCA fees or the Hollywood Program Fee. Students may enroll in the Tuition Installment Plan (TIP) if they are paying out of pocket to cover these fees.

The GI Bill covers tuition, university fees and SCA school fees but NOT the Hollywood Program Fee. Please contact your Military Benefits Manager for details. Student may enroll in TIP if they are paying out of pocket to cover this fee.


Health Advisory and Special Accommodations:

This program can be rigorous, and some of the events may require demanding physical activities. Participants should possess the ability to:

  • Walk one mile without resting. Student walk to & from class each day, approximately 1 mile each way.
  • Stand for 30 minutes without sitting
  • Climb three flights of stairs without assistance. Park LaBrea Apts have been known to have elevators break down. Each apartment building has 12 floors.
  • Hear instructions in a group setting with environmental noise present
  • Read and understand written instructions and signs
  • Step in and out of buses or shuttles
  • Endure smog in various areas

Regent University may be unable to provide special accommodations for people with disabilities. Any person who believes he/she may need special accommodations must contact the Disability Services Coordinator to discuss his/her needs in advance, with ample time to make appropriate accommodations as needed. If a person needs personal assistance during the trip, that person must bring a companion/assistant at full price. If you have any questions regarding special accommodations for people with disabilities, contact Mr. Adam Williams at 757-352-4894 or at

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