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Alumni Spotlight

Alycia LaFavor
Steven Kiruswa
Alumni, 2004

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Doctoral Degree in Communication

Alumni's Disserations and Post-Graduation Careers

  • Gary D. Altman
    For God, Country, and Yale: The Witness of William F. Buckley, Jr.: Rhetorical Criticism of an American Jeremiad

    Mark E. Granahan
    Helter Skelter: Facing the Other Fact of Life A Quantitative and Qualitative Study Examining How Theatre for Young Audiences has Addressed the Nature of Death and Dying over the Past Century

    Carla E. Intza
    Barbara Stanwyck and Star Image Performance Theory

    Michael S. Jeffress
    “Finally, a Sport for Us!” Participant Experiences in Power Soccer-the First Competitive Team Sport for Electric Wheelchair Users

    JR Kessler
    The Unknown People: Identity and Oral History of the T’iistsoh Sikaadi

    Melissa J. Newman
    “Liking” Facebook: An Investigation of Faith-Based Use and Satisfaction of the Social Network among Christian Young Adults

    Paul E. Stanek
    The Enigmatically Uncanny: Transcendent Journey Myths in the Independent Film

  • Kevin Ray Crawford, Adjunct Faculty at Regent University College of Arts and Sciences
    The Rhetorics of the Time-Image: Deleuzian Metadiscourse on the Role of Nooshock Temporality (viz. Inception) in Christopher Nolan’s Cinema of the Brain

    Gary Gould, Instructor at Ryerson University
    The Hat with a Thousand Faces: The Hat as a Communication Artifact of the Legendary Heroes Davy Crockett and Indiana Jones

    Steven William Halliday
    To Build a Better (Digital) Mousetrap: Testing the Learning Effectiveness of Al Gore's Book Our Choice Against the iPad App Based on the Book In Order to Suggest Design Improvements for Future Enriched eBooks

    Joseph Frederick Martin, Professor at Hampton University
    Lingua Franka: F.J. Sheed’s Theory of Communication

    Justin Charles Velten
    Needs-Based Assessment and Intercultural Training for Missions

  • Herman Howard, Instructor at Johnson C. Smith University
    CBS News and the Special Events Unit: A Historical Study of the Management and Programming Decisions Surrounding the Apollo 11 Space Broadcast

    David Hurtado, Faulty Member at Regent University School of Communication and the Arts
    The Chronicles of Narnia series: Exploring Audience Involvement in an Entertainment-Education Transmedia Commercial Enterprise

    Kangming Ma, Assistant Professor at Hampton University
    Elitism, Populism, Chinese Culture, and Transnational Industries: A Comparative Study of Chen Kaige and Zhang Yimou’s Film Narratives

    Camesha Manzueta, Professor of Seinole State College
    Eleanor Roosevelt and Mary McLeod Bethune: An Unusual Friendship during Uncommon Times and its Continued Contribution to Social Change

    Laurie Porter, Faculty Member at Johson C. Smith University
    How Women “Make Sense” of an Unwanted Pregnancy: A Case Study of the Abortion/Live Birth Paradox in Surveillance Research

    Joy Qualls, Assistant Professor at Evangel University
    “God Forgive Us for Being Women:” The Rhetorical Negotiation and Renegotiation of the Role of Women in the Assemblies of God

    Robert Quicke, Assistant Professor at William Paterson University
    The Beatles, Boy George, and Susan Boyle: An Historical-Interpretative Approach to Three British “Invasions” of American Popular Music from 1964 to 2009

    Thomas Smedley, Visiting Professor at Johson C. Smith University
    How to Mend a Broken World: A Comparative Study of Atatürk’s Büyük Nutuk and Augustine’s City Of God 

    Christa Tess, Instructor at Minnesota State University-Mankato
    Preservation, Maintenance, and Promotion of Cultural Purity in a Homogeneous German City: New Ulm, Minnesota

    John Williford, Adjunct Instructor at North Greenville University
    Ethereal Cowboy Way

  • Augustina Amakye, Dean of Communiations at African University College of Comm
    He “Says,” She “Says:” Do They “Say” in the Same Way? A Case Study of Gendered Online Communication

    Christine Bacon, Professor at Old Dominion University
    Humor as a Communication Strategy in Military Marriages: The Influences of Its Uses and Perceptions on Marital Satisfaction

    Mary Buck, Exective Director at Children's Storytelling & Family Literacy Corporation
    Folklore, Fairy Tales and Other Small Stories: A Qualitative Study of Value Development and Four Christian Women over their Lifespan

    Alan Campbell, Associate Dean of Students at University of Georgia
    Spiritual Transformations: The “Non-Conversions” of Jews and Gentiles to Messianic Judaism: A Sense-Making Analysis of Interpersonal and Mass Communicative Influence

    Toni DeLancey, Profesor at Northern Virginia Community College-Alexandria Campus
    The Challenges of the United States Postal Service in Adapting in the Information Age: An Historical Critical Analysis

    Rebecca Dinning-Brinkman, Instructor at Saint Vincent College
    Memorializing on YouTube: An Ethnography on the Memorial Video Phenomenon

    Carlton Edwards, Instructor at Virginia State University
    A Qualitative Examination of the Socially Constructed African-American Christian’s Perceptions of Incarceration and the Incarcerated

    Ronald Gilbert, Assistant Professor at Lee University
    From Icons to IPods: Visual Electronic Media Use and Worship Satisfaction

    Stephanie Iaquinto, Adjunct Faculty at Regent University's College of Arts and Sciences
    Reading Parents, Reading Children: Ecological Influences on Parents’ Mediation of Children’s Leisure Reading and Children’s Responses

    Mark Keuthan, Adjunct Faculty at Regent University's College of Arts and Sciences
    Dark Ages: J.R.R. Tolkien’s Communication of Evil in Three Legendarium Stories

    E. Ellen Kleiman-Redden
    Cross-Cultural Representations in the Music of Lyle Lovett

    Joleen Neighbours, Performing Arts Director at Nansemond River High School
    The Role of Gender Identity in Regard to Differentiated Instruction (DI) in Theatre Arts Education

    Curtis Perry Otto
    Rhetoric, Science, and Global Climate Change

    Jessica Ptomey, Professor Universit of Phoenix
    A Rhetorical History of Postmodernism: A Condensation Symbol Constructed by the American Evangelical Tradition

    William Riddell, Head of the Media and Communications Dept. at Christian Life College
    Meaning, Identity, and Homelessness: A Qualitative Study of Chronic Homelessness in the California Central Valley

    Julie Shen
    Cross-Cultural Effectiveness of Christian Message Films: Taiwanese Responses to the Concepts of God and Man in the Film Bruce Almighty

    Varsha Sherring
    Women’s Identity Shaped by Television in India: A Study on Indian Pro-social Soap Operas as Cultural Barriers

    Mary Eilene Wollslager, Lecturer at University of Texas-San Antonio
    Media Literacy Training’s Effect on Recall: Children’s Awareness of Online Advertising on Neopets

  • Douglas S. Campbell, Professor Emeritus at Lock Haven University

    Theoretical Assessments of Pretrial Publicity Effects: A Pioneering Attempt at Measuring the Tendency of Agenda-Setting Statements and Framing Interpretations to Produce Assumptions of Guilt

     Amy Chesser, Research Assistant at Univeristy of Kansas Medical College
    Promoting National Values For Social Change: Evaluating the HEARTLINES Life Orientation Campaign in South Africa

    Tracy Halsey Frederick, Profesor and Dept. Coordinator at Southwestern College
    Feminizing the Pulpit: Feminine Style and the Religious Rhetoric of Joyce Meyer

    Susan L. Huckstep, Assistant Professor at Averrett University
    The Media’s Framing of Poverty Following Hurricane Katrina

    Michele R. King, Visiting Assistant Professor at The College of William and Mary
    From Gangsta’ to Gamester: an Entertainment Education Strategy for a School-based Gang Prevention Program

    Karen Legg
    Crisis Communication in the Local Church: A Macro look at church crises through the Lens of Chaos Theory

    Laura Mixon
    Use of the Authorizing Figure, Authoritarian Charisma and National Myth in the Discourse of Hugo Chavez: Toward a Critical Model of Rhetorical Analysis for Political Discourse

    Lisa R. Neely
    Engaging Difference through Eric Ehn’s Theatre of hospitality

    Olubunmi J. Oloruntoba, Founder and Writer at 3Bute
    The Cinemas of Jean Rouch and Djibril Diop Mambety: Constructing a Postcolonial-Surrealist Framework for West African Cinema

    Laura A. Sherwood, Assistant Professor at Oral Roberts University
    A Counter Story to Master Narratives for Persons with Disability: Carolyn Scheidies’ Life History

    Valerie J. Smith, Faculty Member at California State University - East Bay
    The Information needs and Associated Communicative Behaviors of Afghan Female Refugees in the San Francisco Bay Area

    Carol Stewart
    Lessons Learned: How JetBlue Used Apologia and New Media to survive a Crisis: A Case Study

    Tracey Valentine-Council
    A Reflection in the Screen: A Visual Performance Ethnography of the Effects of Music Videos on Black Women

  • Donald H. Alban, Assistant Professor at Liberty University
    Theory in Its Own Mirror: Self-Reflexive Coherence as a Validative Criterion in the Metatheoretical Appraisal of Ideas about Communication

    Virgil P. Bakken, Associate Professor at Bemidji State University
    Christopher Guest’s Social Critique: The Functions of Ironic Humor in Film

    Marcia S. Berry, Assistant Professor at Azusa Pacific University
    The Use of Scott McCloud’s Transitional Theory in Comic Book Analysis as a Paradigm for Creating an Effective Critical Mime Theory

    Kim L. Bloomstrom, Assistant Professor at University of Alaska-Anchorage
    The Conflicting Narratives of Arlington’s Confederate Monument: The Emblem of a Reunited People?

    Christopher J. Cunningham
    Miracles and the Supernatural in Popular Secular Film: A Narrative Analysis of The Green Mile, Bruce Almighty, and Phenomenon

    Jason L. Garrett, Associate Professor at Campbellsville University
    Nostalgic Nerds: The Nature and Function of Social Outcasts in Teen Film

    Elizabeth W. McLaughlin, Associate Professor at Bethel College
    Engendering the Imago Dei: A Rhetorical Study of Quilts and Quiltmaking as Metaphor and Visual Parable in the Anabaptist Peace Tradition

    Kara K. Presnell, Assistant Professor at Wingate University
    Media, Celebrities, and Identification: An Examination of Fan Relationships with Dale Earnhardt amid the Culture of NASCAR

    Skip Redd, Faculty Memeber at Southwestern Assemblies of God University
    Lived Experiences, Televangelism, and American Media: Lessons Learned from Individuals’ Reflections and Media Accounts about the PTL Scandal

    Minyon Rusher
    Effects of Celebrity Devotion and Religious Commitment through Parasocial Interaction and Identification

    Patricia F. Sanders, Assistant Professor at University of North Alabama
    Joining the Digital Landscape: An Exploratory Study of the Diffusion and Adoption of High Definition Radio Technology by the Broadcasting Industry

    James W. Shores, Chair of the Communications Department at Montreat College
    Christian Theatre as Entertainment-Education: Belief System Theory and the Impact of Live Performance

    Deborah A. Strong
    Audience Involvement with “Kushi Ko Sansar,” A Children’s TV Show in Nepal: An Entertainment-Education Initiative Promoting Positive Attitudes and Actions Toward People with Disabilities

  • Stephanie A. Bennett, Associate Professor at Palm Beach Atlantic University
    The Disappearance of Silence: A Dialectical Exploration of the Interpersonal Implications of Personal Mobile Media as Viewed through the Lens of Jacques Ellul’s la technique

    Mark A. Blackwelder, Associate Professor at Freed Hardeman University
    Let’s Start Talking: A Case Study of the Communication Effectiveness of English Conservation as an Evangelistic Method in Non-Native English-Speaking Countries

    Debra K. Buenting, Missions Trainer at The Mission Society
    Audience Involvement with Yellow Card: An Entertainment-Education Campaign Promoting Safe-Sex Behavior among African Youth

    Robert J. Carey, Chair of the Communication Studies Dept. at Gardner-Webb University
    The Working Relationship of Photojournalists and Reporters: A Co-Orientation Study

    Stephanie M. Howard
    One Voice/One Mic - Remixing and Rhyming the Sacred and the Secular: A Comparative Textual Analysis of Traditional Spirituals and hardcore Rap in the African-American Tradition

    Julia C. Hunt
    Racing into Culture: An Ethnography of Greyhound Owner’s culture

    Amanda K. Lee, Vice-President of Instruction at Cape Fear Community College
    The Role of Television on Moral Development from the Perspective of the Young Adult

    Jeffrey W. Lyons
    Hot Talk or Hot Air: The Relationship between Values and listening to Political Talk Radio

    Bruce Marcey
    The Constitutive Rhetorical Capacity of the Built Environment for the Framing of Ethos in Postmodern American Spirituality

    Francis C. McDonald, Asst. Dean for Admin. at Hampton's Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications
    Diversity Initiatives: Their Effects on Job Satisfaction among Public Relations Practitioners

    Michelle L. Selk
    “Asians in Action:” An Examination of the Reinscription of Asian and Asian American Female Racial Stereotypes in Contemporary Action Films Starring Lucy Liu

    Richard H. Tiner, Faculty Member at Belmont University
    Processes and Outcomes in the Creation of Radio Commercial Announcements: A Two-Step Qualitative Analysis

    Lawrence C. Trotter
    Blasting Rocks: The Extemporaneous Homiletic of Robert Lewis Dabney

    Suzanne M. Uhl
    Politics, Power and the Pulpit: Henry Parry Liddon’s December 1880 Sermons in Response to Events Resulting from the Public Worship Regulation Act of 1874

    Rachel E. Williams
    Adaptation and Beyond: From Isolation and Separation toward Broader Cultural Inclusion and Integration 

  • Mathew A. Cabot, Associate Professor at San Jose State University
    An Exploration of the Ways Psychology and the Four-Component Model Can Help Create a Multidimensional Approach to Public Relations Ethics Research and Instruction

    Dawn M. Casas
    Communication Adaptability with Bi-ethnic Marital Conflict

    Elliott P. Cooke
    Fatherhood Communication: An Initial Investigation of Source, Context and Content of Parenting Messages for Men

    Lauren Duncan
    3-D and the Era of Immersion (1985-2005): The Historic Implications of Modern Stereo Film Technology

    Alison English, Head Librarian at Vanguard University
    Educating Us into the Virtues: A Consideration of Ethnodrama as a Valid Form of Public Moral Argument in Addressing Domestic Violence

    Barbara R. Ingram
    Cyberspace Communication 2.0: Viewing Higher Education Web Page Design through the Lens of Visual Rhetoric

    William David Lee, Jr.
    Understanding the Use of New Media Technology in the 21st Century Local Church: A Case Study of Media Use at Orlando Faith Assembly of God Church

    Luz E. Mendez
    Special Community Students’ Attitudes towards the Bilingual/Bicultural Transition of Utuado, Puerto Rico

    Heidi N. Petak
    Rhetoric and the Evangelical Christian Community: Contemporary Opposition to Theatre in Church Worship

    Jonah L. Rice, President of Southeastern Illinois College
    The Art of Peacemaking: A Case Study in Postmodern Visual Rhetoric

    Lewis E. Rutledge, Faculty Member at Point Loma Christian College
    Highly Successful Coaches in Competitive Intercollegiate Forensics: An Ethnographic Analysis Seeking a Method to the Madness

    William J. Ventura
    The Personal Values Communicated by Truett Cathy and their Effect on the Culture of Chick-Fil-A: A Qualitative Case Study

    Julie K. Welker, Professor at Howard Payne University
    Parental Perceptions of Control: A Study of Parental Mediation of Children’s Internet use at Home

  • Karl J. Baehr
    Converged Media Ratings: Towards a New Method of Measuring Media Use

    Janet Rose Blakely
    Acculturation and the Use of Media among Arab Women Immigrants Living in Metropolitan Detroit

    Janine Wilkes Dunlap, Associate Professor at Freed-Hardeman University
    Veggie Tales: Moral Education through Entertainment-Education Videos

    John Bruce Giertz, Assistant Professor at Bakersfield College
    The Lincoln-Douglas Campaign of 1858: A Constitutive Rhetorical Analysis

    Rhonda D. Herb,
    Myth, Symbol, and Archetype: Images of Healers and Healing in Contemporary American Fiction

    John Roy Katsion, Profesor at Multnomah Bible College
    Images as Representative Anecdotes: The Visual Rhetoric of the Imagery on United States Dollar Coins from 1794-1999

    R. Michael Leary,
    Dialogue Among Nations: An Ethnographic Study of Interpersonal, Intercultural Diplomatic Negotiations in the Multilateral Context of the United Nations

    Marcela A. Matviuk
    The Social Influence of Sports Celebrities: The Case of Diego Maradona

    Mark Louis Menga
    Digital Dualism - The Invisible Soul Made Visible Through digitally Animated

    Wade B. Mumm
    Transformational Leadership: A Case Study of the Role of Communication by a College President in the Organizational Change of a Christian College

    Charles Ray Stewart
    The Use of Entertainment - Narratives to Promote Moral and Spiritual Values: A Case Study of a Message to the Conscience ® (1964-2004)

    Miguel Antonio Torres
    Communicating the Wholly Other in Christian Popular Fiction: Rhetorical Effects of Post-Enlightenment Concepts of God

    Susan Mechele Ward, Assistant Professor at Delaware County Community College
    Rhetorically Constructing a “Cure:” FDR’s Dynamic Spectacle of Normalcy

    Sharon Campbell Waters
    Media Influence on Pre-Middle School African Americans’ Perceptions Toward Science, Mathematics, and Technology Courses and Careers

    Naaman K. Wood, Professor At Tidewater Community College-Chesapeake Campus
    Critical Readings on the Borderlines of Jazz: The Context and Rhetoric of Dizzy Gillespie’s “Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac”

    Catherine Karl Wright, Faculty Member at George Mason University
    Digital Piracy: The Investigation of Music Downloading via P2P Connections

  • Gunilla Barker
    Cultural Influences on the News: A Study of the War in Iraq in Swedish and American Media

    Christopher Beck
    Presidential Inaugurals: A Quantitative Analysis of First and Second American Presidential Inaugural Addresses as Subsets within the Rhetorical Genre

    Thomas J. Carmody, Chair of the Communication Dept. at Vanguard University
    “Arise and Stand Forth:” A Fantasy Theme Analysis of American Clergy and their Calls for Social Action in the Nineteenth Century Anti-Dueling Movement, 1804-1856

    Steven L. Hamrick
    A Theory and Behavior-based Analysis on the Nature of Situational and Interactive Influences on On-Line Students’ Perceptions of Motivation and Satisfaction: A Multiple University Study of Perceptual Barriers and Comforts

    Steven L. Kiruswa
    Evaluating Effects of an Entertainment-Education Film on Self-Efficacy towards HIV/AIDS Prevention in the Kenyan Military

    Craig E. Mattson, Faculty Member at Trinity Christian College
    Post-Modern Infallibilism and the Hermeneutics of Assent

    Christine Miller
    The Role of Rejection Messages in Substance Abuse and Recovery: A Qualitative Investigation of Christians in Recovery

    J. Marcus Ryan
    The Face of Faith During National Crisis: News Coverage of Religion and Faith Following September 11, 2001

    Renee B. Stewart
    Employee Perceptions of Trust: Rebuilding the Employee-Employer Relationship

    William Barton Tolleson
    U2’s Gospel of Modulation in a Decade of Change: A Babinian Analysis of the Zoo TV, PopMart, and Elevation Tours

    Shyla Rae Welch
    Post-September 11th Perception of Islam and the Spiral of Silence

  • Raymond Anderson, Associate Professor at Sterling College
    Black Beats for One People: Causes and Effects of identification with Hip Hop Culture

    WaNelle Anderson, Assistant Professor at Norfolk State University
    Compliance - Gaming Strategies African American Males Would Use to Persuade Other African American Males to Comply with the Census Bureau

    Glenn Corillo, Faculty Member at ECPI Technical College
    A Case Study: The Effects of the Mobile Data Terminal on a Large Police Department: The Impact of Technology on the History of Law Enforcement

    Paul Creasman, Chair of the Communications Dept. at Arizona Christian Uiversity
    Larry Norman’s Trilogy: An Application and Extension of Text in Context Criticism

    Janie Crouch, Chair of Comuications and Theatre Dept. at Tidewater Community College
    The Role of Relational Maintenance and Equity in Parasocial Relationships Within the Scope of Science Fiction/Fantasy Television Programming

    Elizabeth Desnoyers-Colas, Assistant Professor at Armstrong Atlantic State University
    Sistah McDroppin’ Rhymes with a Beat: Fantasy Theme Analysis

    Zachary Eswine, Senior Pastor Riverside Church
    The Role of the Holy Spirit in the Preaching, Theory, and Practice of Charles Haddon Spurgeon

    John Hatch
    Reconciliation as a tragicomic Corrective: From Racial Offense to Rhetorical Coherence

    Brian Hess
    The Rhetoric of E.C. Comics: 1950-1955

    Wayne Lewis, Faculty Member at Franciscan University of Steubenville
    The Framing and Value of World Magazine: A Weekly Newsmagazine with a Biblical Perspective

    Marc Newman, Faculty Member at Palomar Junior College
    Overcoming Illusions and Reconstituting Redemption: Toward a Model of Transcendence in film

    Cameron Pace, Faculty Member at Evangel College
    Website Usability Politics: A Content Analysis of Campaign Websites during the Fall 2002 Election

    Jane Rowe, Adjuct Faculty at Old Dominion University
    The Print Media and the Metaphors of Nature

    Steven Smith, Faculty Member at Southeastern Theological Seminary
    Surrendered Communication: The Homiletic Theory of Francais Fénelon’s Dialogues of Eloquen

  • Ronald Owen Bearden, Pastor at AL-W. Florida Conference of the Methodist Church
    Hermeneutical Closure and Cognition in Narrative Hermeneutics: Aids to Conclusion Drawing, Polyseme Reduction, and Persuasion, with Implications for Homiletic Theory

    Joseph George Bierman, III, Faculty Member at Rowan University
    Transnational Industries and Jim Sheridan’s National Narratives

    Mihai Bocarnea
    Mediated Effects of Celebrities: Cognitive and Affective Paths of Processing Information about Princess Diana’s Death

    Lance David Clark, Professor and Exec. Producer at Huntington University's HTV News
    The Bifurcated Detective in the X-Files: A Rhetorical Narrative Critique

    James Walter Egli, Leadership and Mission Pastor at Vineyard Church
    Successful Cell Groups: Critical Factors in Small Group Growth

    Curtis R. Holsopple, Faculty Member at Virginia State University
    Primary Friendships On-Line: Using Electronic Mail for Building and Maintaining Interpersonal Relationships

    Robert Mark McManus, Faculty Member at Marietta College
    An Exploration of Barny Burnett’s Theory of the Management of Meaning Applied to the Rhetoric of Contemporary Christian Music Artist Amy Grant

    Lois May McSkimming
    Koinonia asa Development Paradigm of Liberation: An Interpretive Biography of Eglantyne Jebb and the Save the Children Fund

    Paul Douglas Patton, Chair of Communications and Media at Spring Arbor College
    The Prophetic Passion and Imagination of David Mamet

  • Jason Baker, Professor at Regent University School of Education
    The Effects of Instructor Immediacy and Student Cohesiveness on Affective and Cognitive learning in the On-line Classroom

    Joe Kickasola, Associate Professor at Baylor University
    The Resonant Image: Immediacy, Abstraction, and Transcendence in the Cinema

    Gordon McAlister
    Computer-Mediated Immediacy: a New Construct in Teacher-Student Communication for Computer-Mediated Distance Education

    Kip Redick, Chair of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Christopher Newport University
    Wilderness as Art and the Naissance of Environmental Consciousness: The Wild Transfigured in the ‘Visual Landscape of Jasper Francis Cropsey and Frederick Law Olmstead’

    Ron Roach, Chair of the Appalachian Studies Dept. at East Tennesee State University
    A Pentadic Analysis of George Campbell’s ‘A Dissertation of Miracles’

    Pam Robles
    The Rhetorical Construction of Enmity in the Discourse of Christian Conservativism

    Joy Taveesin
    Diffusion of Communication Technology in the Political Process: A Case Study of Thailand

  • Sam Ebersole, Professor at Colorado State University-Pueblo
    Uses and Gratifications of the World Wide Web in an Educational Context

    Preethi Jacob
    Diffusing an Education-Entertainment Television Series Across National Boundaries: Superbook in the Former Soviet Union

    Scott Johnson
    Embodied Rhetoric in Anglo-American Modernity

    John Luton, Faculty Member at Elizabeth City University
    Effects of Religious Orientation and Perceptions of Communication Competence and Apprehension on Burnout potential

    Charles Martin, Award-winning Novelist
    Deciphering the Message in the Bottle: Walker Percy’s Ethical and Humane Theory of Human Communication

    Larry McGill
    Scottish Common Sense Philosophy in American Political Rhetoric: An Analysis of Speeches by John Witherspoon, John Adams, and Ronald Reagan

    Ned Vankevich,
    The Rhetorical Agon of “Allopathic” and “Alternative” Medicine: Marginalization, Resistance, and Empowerment in Dr. Richard Schulze’s Botanically-based Natural Healing Crusade

  • Stephen Von Drehle Bird
    Politics, Economics, Technology and Religion: A Cultural History of the Danville, Virginia Press 1940-1970

    Brian Douglas Cannon, Assistant Professor at Hawaii Pacific University
    Photographs as Icons: Exploring Iconicity and the Visual Strength of Still Images in Photojournalism

    Reginald E. Ecarma, Associate Profesor at North Greenville University
    Beyond Ideology: A Study of Wildavsky’s Cultural Theory as Applied to Political Communication

    Andrew David Gess, Assciate Professor at Bethel University
    Ideographic Criticism: A Study in Rhetorical Critical Approach

    Bala Ahmadu Musa, Professor at Azusa Pacific University
    Retribalization and Conflict Management in the New World (Dis)order: The Media, Diplomacy and the Framing of Domestic Implosions in Bosnia and Rwanda

    Richard Kenneth Olsen, Jr., Professor at University of North Carolina - Wilmington
    Drafting a New American Dream: A Rhetorical Analysis and the NBA Draft Utilizing a Triangulated Approach to Criticism

    Michael Ray Smith, Professor at Campbell University
    The Jesus Newspaper: How Charles Sheldon Integrated a Christian Approach in a Daily Newspaper in 1900

    Lorene M. Wales, Chair of Film & TV at Regent's School of Communication and the Arts
    Progression or Oppression: The Status of Women’s Leading Roles in Film 1990-1995

    Walter Owens Williams
    Anagogic Rhetorical Theory: Reassociating the dialogic Mythos and Logos in Search of the Dianoia

    Robert Herbert Woods, Jr., Faculty Member at Spring Arbor College
    Contemporary Christian music Radio: A Uses and Gratification Analysis

  • Laurie Godfrey
    The Printers of the Williamsburg Virginia Gazettes, 1766-1776: Social Controls and Press Theory

    James Duncan
    Computers in Political Conversation: Tocquesville and the Internet

    Lydia Black, Assistant Professor at Southeastern University
    Implementation of Total Quality Management in a Technoscience research laboratory: Issues of consubtantiality and schismogenesis

    Janet Lynn Reynolds, Assistant Professor at Pepperdine University
    Value Perceptions in the Soap Opera, Another Life

    Russell West, Faculty Member at Asbury Seminary
    They That Might Be One: An Interpretive Study of the Pentecostal Leadership’s Quest for Racial Unity

    Vincent Rosini
    from the Parabloic to the Sermonic: The Romance and Divorce of Film and Church, 1907-1932

    Mark Frederick, Adjunct Professor at Regent University College of Arts and Sciences
    We: Using Interpersonal Communication to Define the Relationship Between Same-Gender, Adult, Close Friends

  • Jon Ohlhauser, President at Hope Heath Ventures
    Canadian Prime Ministerial Discourse: Facing Rhetorical Situation While Constrained by Constitutional Convention

    Annalee Ward, Faculty Member at University of Dubuque Theological Seminary
    The Rhetorical Dimensions of Disney Morality

  • Alex Wainer, Professor at Palm Beach Atlantic University
    The Descent of the Dark Knight: Mythic Expression in Comic Book Technique

  • Linda Eure, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at Covenant Counseling Services
    Female Relationships as Depicted in Nine Contemporary Films: A Cultural Demonstration of Redemption - A Cultural Demonstration of Concern

    Arthur Terry, Professor at Bethel University
    Genre and Divine Causality in the Religious Films of Spencer Williams

    Maureen Flanagan, Head of Humanities Department at Illinois Institute of Tehnology 
    The Impact of the application of Television Aesthetics on Students Perception of Instructor Image and Student Satisfaction with Televised Distance Education

    Thomas David Parham, III, Professor at Azusa Pacific University
    Communication Contexts on ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’

    Timothy D. Wright
    Dancing with Shadows: Stylistic Attributes of Impressionalism in Selected Works by Horton Foote

  • Valerie Dixon Babb
    Adolescents’ Development of Parasocial Relations through Popular Television Situation Comedies

    Warren Koch, Associate Professor at Azusa Pacific University
    Cultural Back Talk: An Exploration in Convivializing Media through an Application of dialogic Ethics

    Glenn Settle
    Four Great Sermons: Rhetorical Methodology of the Sermons in Four Major American Novels

    Wing-Tai Leung, Administrator at Breakthrough International Ministries
    Toward a Model of Cities in Radical Transition: The Role of the Media

    Matthew Melton, Dean of College of Arts and Sciences at Lee University
    The logology of Fall and Redemption: A Critique and Expansion of Burkeian Terms

  • Karen Turner Ward, First Ph.D. Graduate and Professor at Hampton University
    Urban Rhapsody: Communication Paradigms for Building a Cultural and Racial Bridge


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Elinor Malendoski