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Master of Arts Degree in Theatre

Concentration: Theatre Ministry

On-Campus and Online Degree Overview:

You believe your faith and profession should not be separate. A Master of Arts in Theatre, with a concentration in theatre ministry, will equip you to use your God-given talents and give you a comprehensive knowledge of the artistic and theoretical practices of theatre. As a student, you will be taught all aspects of the art form, from theory to production, and learn how to utilize theatrical practices for applications well beyond the typical stage environment.

Upon graduation, you will be prepared to pursue a career in theatre ministry—in the church or on the mission field. A Master of Arts in Theatre, with a theatre ministry concentration, will allow you to make a real difference in the world and use your talents to point others toward Him.

Play the video to your right and hear what our faculty and students have to say about the master's programs in theatre at Regent University.

Alumni Profile

Winnie Coleman Horvat Winnie Coleman graduated in 2003 with a Master of Arts in Theatre. While searching for a graduate degree, she was intrigued by the mission statement for Regent University's Department of Theatre Arts.

"Their tagline, 'theatre taught from a Christian worldview,' stunned me because I didn't think there was such a thing as a Christian theatre degree," Coleman says. Coleman maintains that the friendships she fostered at Regent have had the greatest impact on her personal and professional life. From these friendships, she was able to create a professional network of like-minded artists. She states, "Many of my past jobs came through the contacts I made at Regent."

Since she graduated, Coleman has built her career around using theatre and the arts to point others toward God. She adds, "It is through the arts that we can reach a young generation with the love of Christ." Over the past ten years, she has been involved in theatre-based outreach initiatives for youth in various parts of the world. In 2007, Coleman led a group of Regent theatre students on a mission trip to Malta. Coleman continues to keep in close contact with the Regent community and has performed alongside many fellow alumni and current students.

Today, Coleman and her husband, Aaron, are full-time missionaries involved in arts programming in Osijek, Croatia.

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