Master of Arts Degree in Theatre

SCA Alumni, Rebecca McCoy-Reese

Rebecca McCoy-Reese is a theatre professor at a small Baptist college in Bluefield, Va., who graduated from Regent University in 2010 with a Master of Arts in Theatre with a concentration in theatre studies. She chose to enroll at Regent as a distance-education student because the program fit into her busy schedule, which required balancing coursework with a full-time job.

McCoy-Reese was initially skeptical about receiving a Christian-based theatre degree. "I had the same basic thoughts that the rest of the world has about anything to do with 'Christian theatre' that it is 'less than,'" she explains. "I came here thinking, 'Maybe I'll get a good education' yet I have been thoroughly impressed by the education I've received at Regent."

Though she fulfilled most of her degree online, it required a period of face-to-face training through Regent's eight-week summer intensive program. This hands-on training provided her with a tangible experience that connected her with her professors. When asked about the benefits of a Regent education, she reflects, "The professors know, and are excited by, what they are doing. They teach Jesus with excellence, and that is so very important to me. I could not imagine getting a better education corresponding with my worldview anywhere else."

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