Hardware-Software Recommendations & Requirements for M.A. in Journalism

Students enrolled in the graduate Journalism program will learn to write and create digital multimedia content for a variety of uses. Therefore, in addition to books, it is vital for all students to arrive with the personal hardware and software necessary for their studies. Students must have access to a computer that meets minimum standards listed by the University's IT department. http://regent.edu/it/helpdesk/document/standards.cfm


Graduate Journalism students should have access to miscellaneous audio-video editing software and web development software, which will be used in some classes. Each course syllabus will clearly state these specific requirements. If your computer does not come equipped with such software, we generally recommend the usage of Adobe products and, specifically, the latest version of Adobe Suite.

For audio-video editing, we recommend the latest version of Premiere Elements. If you already own video editing software, no problem; you can work with what you own. For general image editing and web development, we recommend Photoshop and Dreamweaver, and in some courses, Flash. As stated earlier, requirements for each individual course will be identified in the syllabus. All students are required to use the latest version of Microsoft Office.


In some Journalism classes, students will be required to produce and upload digital still images. These images can be taken with either a personal digital camera or a smart phone. Also, students will be required to produce and upload audio recordings of field interviews. Most personal audio recorders and some smart phones provide these features. Access to video cameras will be required for all on-campus students and audio-video recording capability is encouraged for distance students. On-campus students may enroll in the Film & Television Equipment Workshop elective to gain access and use of Regent University audio-video hardware.

All computers located in the student newsroom and computer lab in the Communication & the Arts building are fully equipped with all software mentioned above. That includes audio-video editing tools as well as digital web production software.

Students are responsible for their own backup and file transfer system of their course work. For that purpose we recommend Flash drives, portable hard drives or Cloud storage, such as DropBox, iCloud, or Google Drive.

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