Student Profile

Padmakshi "Paddy" Parkhe

On a summer day in Jerusalem, journalism student Padmakshi "Paddy" Parkhe attended a breakfast press conference at the King David Jerusalem Hotel and then an inauguration ceremony featuring Israeli ministers and members of Israel's house of representatives-the Knesset.

As a summer intern with the Christian Broadcast Network (CBN), Paddy found herself in the middle of stories ranging from politics to entertainment. And, she wasn't there to observe.

"Whenever we returned from a shoot, the next task for me would be to either transcribe the interviews or work on a script," she recalls. "I sometimes picked out sound bites that I thought would be perfect for the story. Once the producer (one of the Bureau producers or myself) had worked on the script and it had been approved, we would work with the editors to put the package together."

In addition to opportunities to get out in the field, attending press conferences and events, Paddy was tasked with writing news briefs, as well as researching and writing original articles primarily on Islamic extremism and anti-Israel campaigns. She also co-produced three news stories aired on CBN's "Inside Israel" segment.

"The journalism program at Regent prepared me thoroughly for the internship," Paddy says. She adds that her professors held her to a high standard that came in handy at CBN. "The professors here never allowed me to settle for good, always pushing me towards giving my best." The opportunity to witness ethical journalists at work was also important to her. "People can live by ethics," she says, “and be extremely successful.”

As she begins her final year in the journalism program, Paddy is confident that her summer experiences, combined with her program, are preparing her for something great-perhaps even a return to Israel.

Here is a list of some of the stories Paddy covered:

Pro Palestinian Activists Plan Fly in Flotilla

Israel Finds Unexpected Support against Flotilla

Egypt Brotherhood Candidate Speaks Out

Ossuary of Caiaphas Daughter

Israel Finds Unexpected Support against Flotilla

Hamas Egypt Lock Horns over Gaza Border Crossing

Pentagon Five US Troops Killed in Iraq

Pakistan Blasphemy Laws Used to Target Bible

Earthquakes Rattle New Zealand Town Again

Israel Warns Against Flotilla