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Cinema-Television Department

The Cinema-Television (CTV) department at Regent is unlike many other film schools. Fifteen years ago when I came here to teach, I realized this was a very different place. We are a small film school, and that's the best part. Students are not merely a number here. We mentor, pray for, and challenge each of our students to be the best producer, director, screenwriter they can be.

CTV is passionate about not only making films that intrigue, but we are equally interested in who we are, who we become as we make them. We have all the latest state-of-the-art equipment, but I'm more proud of the students that I see who come here and learn about who they are as artists (who happen to be Christian) in a fallen world.

Do you want to work in the film industry? Do you, even more, want to be a light in that world? Then come here, if God calls you here. We'll give you the skills to make the films you want to make, along with the training to do so in every way that can glorify our God. As you decide, know there is a faculty here that regularly prays for students that God would want here. Maybe we're praying for you...


Lorene M. Wales

Chair, Department of Cinema-Television
Regent University