Actionable Results

Know Coming in to Regent That You'll Leave
With Tangible Results

Regent University's School of Business & Leadership will provide you with the best academic experience available, but we won't stop there.

Every program offers the opportunity for you to create substantial results that provide the tools, strategies, and tactics you need to be successful. And you won't have to wait until you graduate to take advantage of these resources. You'll find immediately applicable solutions to the day-to-day issues you face in business and leadership as early as your first semester as a Regent student.

Master of Business Administration

As an MBA student, you will have the opportunity to:

Design and implement successful marketing strategies specific to customer needs in global markets as you learn how to develop profitable long-term customer relationships.

Create technology innovation plans based on consumer needs that bring growth in corporate products, services and ideas.

Develop and recommend preferred human resource systems sensitive to the dynamics of corporate human behavior in global contexts.

Use accounting and financial information for decision-making purposes that help boost profitability and market position in diverse business settings.

Develop operations plans and determine appropriate quality improvement strategies for product manufacturing and service delivery in global environments.

Construct and present business strategies and plans that meet the funding requirements of the financial investment community for either a new business or a new product/service within an existing company.

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M.A. in Organizational Leadership

As an Organizational Leadership student, you will have the opportunity to:

Participate in a guided project such as:

  • Designing a new organization.
  • Analyzing an existing major organizational problem and recommending solutions.
  • Developing and testing a seminar.

You'll also have the opportunity to write a master's thesis or publishable manuscript should you choose to.

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Doctoral Programs

As a doctoral student, your primary focus will be on research and scholarship, with these added benefits:

Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL)

Conduct and present a study of Scripture to show the biblical roots of organizational leadership concepts and how they can positively impact global organizations.

Conduct and report consulting and/or coaching assistance to a client, improving the client's personal or organizational performance.

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Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership (Ph.D.)

Conduct consulting assistance to a client, improving the client's organization.

Conduct research of the Scriptures to explore the biblical roots and applications of organizational leadership concepts.

Present at a national or international face-to-face or virtual academic conference.

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Noting her outstanding contributions and years of research, commentary and education on the topic of servant leadership, Dr. Patterson was honored with the Chancellor's Award at Regent's 2016 Commencement.

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