Approved Degree Plan

An Approved Degree Plan (ADP) is, for each student, the master schedule for finishing the degree in the time frame the student has planned. The ADP will serve two primary functions as a student progresses through their program.

  • The ADP is a MAP that guides a student in their course registration each term. Students who carefully follow their ADP each semester will not have scheduling conflicts that prevent them from taking desired courses or completing their program in a timely manner.
  • The ADP is a PASSPORT to graduation clearance, as it is the key document that will be reviewed by the Registrar's Office at the time of graduation.

Doctoral Students
Cohort Ph.D. students must complete an ADP after one year of enrollment. Cohort DSL students can complete an ADP in their first term of enrollment. Doctoral students are required to complete the program within seven years from the first term of enrollment into the program.

To complete and submit your ADP, follow these steps:

  1. Download the ADP form for your degree listed below. You may view the course requirements for your program on the School of Business & Leadership website. Save the ADP form to your computer and complete it using the course requirements to see when courses are scheduled to be offered each semester. Please confirm that the courses you select are offered in the specific terms available.
  2. Submit your completed ADP as an MS Word document and send it as an email attachment to your advisor.
  3. Throughout your degree program, you are required to keep an up-to-date copy of your ADP and make changes as needed. If you change your concentration (including elective courses), where applicable, after submitting your ADP, you are required to resubmit your ADP to your advisor.

Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership ADPs

Doctor of Strategic Leadership ADPs