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2014 Roundtables of Leadership Research & Practice

May 9-10, 2014 | Virginia Beach, VA

About the Roundtables

Regent University's School of Business & Leadership will host the 2014 Annual Roundtables of Leadership Research & Practice. The featured roundtables at this year’s event include:

Distinguished Guest Speakers

Larry C. Spears [Bio]
President & CEO
The Larry C. Spears Center for Servant-Leadership

Bob Coughlin [Bio]
Vice President of Product Integrity
Kids II


Registration is open through May 2: click here to register.

Please note: Lodging accommodations are not included with registration. Book your room at the award-winning The Founders Inn and Spa by April 10th and mention this conference to receive a special discounted rate or, you may book your room online. The special rate is subject to room availability.

9th Annual Biblical Principles in Leadership Research Roundtables
Chair: Dr. Corné Bekker

Call for Papers

The Biblical Perspectives in Leadership Research Roundtable provides a discussion and research forum for scholars, researchers, practitioners and ministers who work in leadership utilizing a biblical perspective. Representing the multidisciplinary fields of biblical, social-science, historical and leadership studies, the Biblical Perspectives in Leadership Research Roundtable will explore, engage and extend the field of knowledge and understanding of the phenomenon of leadership as found within the contexts of the Hebrew and Christian scriptures.

3rd Annual Leadership Coaching & Consulting Roundtable: Exploring Research, Practice and Global Perspectives
Chair: Dr. Diane Wiater

Call for Papers

The Leadership Coaching & Consulting Roundtable is a platform for presenting and discussing consulting and coaching research. Attention is focused on consulting and coaching models, theory and best practices and the role of the consultant and coach in leadership, social, and global transformation from a biblical perspective.

5th Annual Leading Transformative Innovation Roundtable
Chair: Dr. Gary Oster

Call for Papers

Innovation is the development of a product, service, idea, or process that ultimately yields value or utility. The Leading Transformative Innovation Roundtable is a gathering of intellectually curious people who will explore and dialogue about ideas related to the social, scientific, environmental, economic and cultural challenges the world faces today. The Transformative Innovation Roundtable is a multi-disciplinary community of remarkable experts and inquisitive amateurs that welcomes all with open minds and committed hearts. Presentations will be highly interactive, featuring engaging papers, concepts, and book reviews by exceptional thinkers, entrepreneurs, activists and scholars at the intersection of innovation and leadership — all from an intentionally biblical perspective. The singular goal is to inform and energize the conversation among Christians who use the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives, organizations, and ultimately, the world.

12th Annual Servant Leadership Research Roundtable
Chair: Dr. Kathleen Patterson

Call for Papers

The Servant Leadership Research Roundtable provides an insightful time of interaction by scholars interested in the growing field of servant leadership studies. Ideal for both seasoned and novice researchers in the servant leadership field, the Servant Leadership Research Roundtable allows attendees to engage in scholarly discussion of research streams, new models, testing of existing concepts, instrument development and validation, as well as the discussion of servant leadership case studies. The roundtable's aim is to provide a venue in which scholars can serve and help one another critically evaluate and develop research frames and agendas that eventually build the research stream to maturity.



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Call for Papers

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Event Details

Friday, May 9 &
Saturday, May 10, 2014

Regent University
Robertson Hall
Virginia Beach, VA
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$275 regular registration
$225 Regent student, faculty, and staff registration
(Includes roundtables, meals and breaks, but does not include lodging accommodations.)

Registration Deadline: May 2

A limited number of rooms are available at the award-winning Founders Inn and Spa for a special rate of $139* per night. Reserve your room online as soon as possible but no later than April 10.
*Room rate is subject to availability

Contact the appropriate roundtable chairperson for more information.