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Working Papers & Articles

All working papers accessible through the Regent University School of Business & Leadership are provided in draft form to promote open discussion and provide valuable contributions to the larger body of leadership research prior to actual publication. All content in this section is protected under copyright and may not be reproduced without permission of the copyright holder/author. Copies of articles and working papers may be requested directly from the author.

Working Papers & Articles
Winston, B. Spencer, L.
Bocarnea, M.
Wickman, C.
Validating a Practitioner’s Instrument Measuring the Level of Pastors’ Risk of Termination/Exit from the Church: Discovering Vision Conflict and Compassion Fatigue as Key Factors
Winston, B. & Bekker, C. Exegetical Assignments as a Form of Spiritual Formation Development in two Online Doctoral Programs
Gary, J. Behold, I Will Do a New Thing!
Bekker, C. Dreaming with Open Eyes: Reflections on Leadership and Spirituality
Winston, B. Leadership Style as an Outcome of Motive: A Contingency ‘State’ Rather than ‘Trait’ Concept
Winston, B.
Bekker, C.
Cerff, K.
Eames, D.
Helland, M.
Garnes, D.
An Instrument to Measure the Impact of Hope in Strategic Plan Implementation
Redmer, T. James Jewelers
Winston, B., & Cerff, K. Different Supervisory Styles for Different Organizational Levels: A Phenomenological Case
Barfoot, S., Winston, B.,
& Wickman C.
Forced Pastoral Exits
DellaVecchio, D.,
& Winston, B.
A Seven-Scale Instrument to Measure the Romans 12 Motivational Gifts and a Proposition that the Romans 12 Gift Profiles Might Apply to Person-Job Fit Analysis
Winston, B. Socialism and Catholicism: The Left and the Right of the Labor Movement in the Gilded Age
Winston, B. Nomos: A New Testament Concept to Guide Decision-making
Sessoms, R.,
& Winston, B.
Impact of Leadership Development Experiences in a Trans-National Organization