May/June 2007
Volume 1, Issue 1  


The Global Leadership Challenge
By Wayne Oppel
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An Intrepid Outlook at Organizational Change
An excerpt from: The Leadership Wisdom of Jesus
By Charles Manz
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Why Employees Dislike Performance Appraisals
By Gary Roberts and Michael Pregitzer
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Mercenaries, Opportunists or Missionaries?
The Role of Christian Led Companies in the Global Market
By Sergio Matviuk
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Case Study: Best Check, Inc.
By Randy Case
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Global business is dynamic. We are already at the precipice of imagining and experiencing what only a generation ago would have seemed too futuristic, perhaps even unrealistic. Yet as technology takes us through quantum advances in nearly every aspect of life – let alone business – we must take time to reflect on our progressive aims to make sense of them and apply them responsibly and meaningfully.

Global business is beyond the flattening of our world. Rather, perhaps it is more about the convergence of our world through commerce. | continue |

Global Business Feature: WeLocalize
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