Biblical Perspectives Conference Proceedings


Banks, B.

Jesus’ Method of Inclusion in Leadership: A Model for Innovation and Creativity in the Early Church

Banks, B.

Was Moses Wrong? Ethical Dimensions in Leadership

Jenks, D.

Transformation: An Examination of Jesus’ Creative Use of the Matthew 13 Parables and Theory U

Morgan, L.

Beyond Serving Others: Continual Self-Sacrifice as Normative Christianity

Morgan, L.

The Admonitions of St. Francis: Implications for Servant and Transformational Leaders

Petties, V.

A Biblical Perspective on Women in Leadership: A Fresh Look at I Timothy 2:8-15

Rittle, D.

Managing the Conflict from Within: A Spiritual Model

Self, C.

Incarnational Leadership as Reflected in St. Clare’s Third Letter to Agnes:  A Sensory-Aesthetic Study

Self, C.

The Leadership of Jesus: A Literature Review and Research Proposal

Spencer, J.

Peter: A Phenomenology of Leadership

Upsher-Myles, C.

Exploring Paul’s Global Leadership Strategy Through 1 Corinthians 9:19-23

Upsher-Myles, C.

Organizational Leadership Lessons Based on the Pauline Epistles

West, B.

Implications for Leadership in the Evaluation of Scripture: An Ideological Review of Matthew 8:5-13

Wright, D.

The Leadership of Jesus in the Succession Process of the Disciples: A Dual Focus of Servanthood in Small Groups


Bekker, Corne

Sharing the Incarnation: Towards a Model of Mimetic Christological Leadership

Gary, Jay E.

What Would Jesus Lead: Identity Theft, Leadership Evolution, and Open Systems

Faulhaber, Jacqueline

Virtue Development and Authentic Tranformational Leadership: A Social-Cultural Analysis Of 2 Peter 1:1-11

Keller, Gray

Infusing Values Triangularly: An Exegetical Analysis of I Timothy 6:5b-11

Oney, Mike

2 Timothy: Mentoring an Experiential Learner

Rivera, Orlando

Mentoring Stages in the Relationship between Barnabas and Paul

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