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Doctor of Strategic Leadership Degree – Pre 2013

The Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL) is an applied, multidisciplinary terminal degree designed to provide instant solutions, rooted in Christian ethics and values, for today's organizational challenges. Students have three concentrations from which to choose:

Doctor of Strategic Leadership Program Outcomes

DSL graduates will:

  • Contribute to academic and practical knowledge development about how organizations operate and grow by conducting and reporting organizational and leadership research, as well as best practices in organizational leadership.
  • Explain and predict organizational and leadership phenomena by selecting and applying the correct organizational and leadership theories in order to increase organizational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Conduct and report consulting assistance to a client improving client's organization performance.
  • Write and publish in popular press publications on organizational and leadership development topics.
  • Conduct and present exegetical and expository study of Scripture to show the biblical roots of organizational leadership concepts.
  • Present at national and international conferences on theoretical and practical aspects of organizational leadership.
  • Write and publish in applied journals on issues related to organization and leadership development.
  • Develop a commercially viable final project that integrates biblical and global perspectives and evidences a deep understanding of the theory and practice of organizational leadership.

Conducted online, the doctoral program uses the autonomous learning model that requires students to learn independently, but not alone. Students in the DSL program will be engaged in a transformational process that employs intellectual and spiritual truths that redefine one's comprehension of leadership and enhance one's impact in the workplace.

The coursework combines an extensive survey of theory drawn from the fields of sociology, psychology, theology, organizational theory and other allied disciplines with a Judeo-Christian perspective that will further your understanding of transformational principles. Balancing the analysis of human dynamics and corporate systems, we facilitate the development of leaders who understand the intricacies of organizational change.

DSL Degree Program Polices

DSL students will follow all of the Regent University Policies found in the Regent University Catalog and the Regent University Student Handbook. Also, the School of Business & Leadership requires that all DSL students either be continuously enrolled or on an approved leave of absence. Students may register for LDSL863 Doctoral Project Continuation (1 credit) to meet the enrollment requirement in any given semester. A leave of absence can be granted for up to one year if the student is incapacitated due to illness or injury, caring for a family member who is incapacitated due to illness or injury, or is in the military and deployed to a war zone. Please note that the leave of absence does not extend the seven-year time limit to complete the DSL. If you wish a leave of absence, please discuss the option with your advisor.

The faculty and staff of the School of Business & Leadership value students and truly want to see each succeed. Throughout the program and when life challenges arise, we want to provide as much support as possible to encourage students to continue on their educational journey and complete their degree. Therefore, our Doctor of Strategic Leadership students are assigned a DSL professor to serve as an advisor during the program.

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