Online Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL): Strategic Leadership Concentration

Incorporating the theories, ethics and methodologies vital to leading and transforming organizations, the Strategic Leadership concentration provides an integrated approach to this multidisciplinary field that includes studies in sociology, psychology, theology, organizational theory and other allied disciplines. With a foundation in biblical leadership principles, the Strategic Leadership concentration also addresses traditional theory, contemporary thought and practical applications that have the greatest impact on leading organizations.

Strategic Leadership Concentration-Specific Outcomes

As a DSL student enrolled in the Strategic Leadership concentration, you will:

  • Evaluate and provide advice on succession planning to client organizations.
  • Assess organizational life cycles and determine new avenues for spiritual, mental and physical leadership development and renewal.
  • Monitor and assess organizations' skills to innovate and foster development of learning environments that continually perform higher in effectiveness and efficiency.

Conducted online, Doctor of Strategic Leadership (DSL) students in Strategic Leadership use the autonomous learning model that requires DSL students to learn independently, but not alone. Students in the online doctoral DSL degree program will be engaged in a transformational process employing intellectual and spiritual truths that redefine one's comprehension of leadership and enhance one's impact in the workplace.

Regent University
Alumni Spotlight

Christian Graduate School of Business Graduate

Sandra Upton, DSL '08
Dean of Business Programs for the Professional and Graduate Studies Division, Cornerstone University

"The exposure and practical knowledge developed from interacting daily with students and leaders from all over the world significantly enhanced my level of cultural intelligence and ability to navigate effectively in the global community."