2013 Virtual Conference on Moral Leadership

Welcome to day four of the Moral Leadership Conference. Today is of great interest as Dr. Karl Inge Tangen provides an exciting commentary by exploring the moral formation of a 'second line' leader, seeking to contribute to the emerging field of research on moral leadership. Furthermore, it is proposed that such leaders face certain dilemmas that may trigger important forms of moral reasoning. We know you will enjoy this presentation.

The Story of Marcus - On Ambivalence and Metathinking as an Important Part of Moral Formation

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Dr. Karl Inge Tangen

Karl Inge Tangen, Ph.D., is constituted principal at HLT, The Norwegian School of Leadership and Theology. He is also an associate professor in the fields of practical theology, social ethics, and organisational leadership. He has served as a pastor, principal and organisational consultant in different types of organisations, including churches, businesses and Non-Governmental Organisations.

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