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Short-Term International Visit Request Form

We are delighted that you are interested in meeting with Regent University faculty, administrators or staff. In order to best serve you and prepare for your visit, please fill out below form and provide us with a brief professional biography for each visitor at least four weeks (30 days) prior to your proposed visit date.


About your visit

Home Institution:
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Visit start date and time:
Visit end date and time:
Brief description of your home institution including website:
Overall objective of the visit:
Specific Regent University departments or individuals identified for possible meetings and purpose of each meeting:


The visiting party

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List of all proposed visitors in party: (First Name, Last Name, Title, Institution, Department, Email)
Brief professional biography
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Primary contact for visiting party: (FirstName, LastName, Institution, Department, Email, Fax, Telephone)
Best email or phone number to reach visiting party in urgent matters:
Does each member of the visiting party have the necessary travel documents for legal entry into the United States?
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We regret that we are not able to pay for visitor's meals, nor assist with hotel or transportation arrangements to campus. However, our hospitality website contains all the information you need to assist you with making those arrangements.

All meetings will be conducted in English and no interpreters will be provided through Regent University. We kindly ask that you make those arrangements yourself.

We are unable to schedule appointments until we receive confirmation of the visitors' travel documents and definite dates on campus.