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Thomas Atwood

President and CEO of the National Council For Adoption
MBA, Regent University
M.A., Public Policy, Regent University

Thomas Atwood

His 20 years experience directing national research, education and advocacy non-profit organizations coupled with his role as an adoptive father make Thomas Atwood '86 (Business and Government) a natural fit as president of the National Council For Adoption (NCFA).

"I've always had a passion for adoption", says Atwood, who has led the organization since 2002. "It's a wonderful way to build a family." Atwood joined the NCFA in 2001 as vice president for public policy and research. His previous positions include 11 years with The Heritage Foundation as director of coalition relations and executive editor of Policy Review. He has also served on the Virginia Board of Directors of Bethany Christian Services, one of the nation's largest adoption agencies.

Founded in 1980, the NCFA promotes the well-being of children, birth parents and adoptive families by advocating adoption. The organization's agenda includes presenting adoption as a positive option for women with unplanned pregnancies, making it easier for children to be adopted out of foster care, facilitating international adoptions, reducing obstacles to transracial adoption, preserving the option of privacy in adoption and promoting putative father registries and safe havens.

Atwood's main goal for the NCFA is finding loving homes for children whose biological parents cannot or will not care for them. "There's a clear and strong biblical mandate to care for orphans", he says.

The NCFA celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2005 with Atwood poised to remain at the helm. "I'm seeing this as something I could commit myself to for a long time. I want to build the organization so that it is strong and self-perpetuating for years to come."

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